Who likes big d…?

A little creativity for my Twitter, subscribe there will be many interesting things @_UGAROMIX

donats-01 donats-02

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8 Responses

  1. UGAROMIX says:

    New comments form, have something to say? You’re welcome!

  2. Pappy says:

    Can’t wait for comic

  3. Todd Thiner says:

    Will it have better English

    • UGAROMIX says:

      Unfortunately, my English level is very poor and I can’t afford an interpreter, but each new comic my level grows, I hope this

      • Sektlaune says:

        Maybe, i can help. You could send me the texts and i would form a better englisch, an a german version an could do also. Love your work.

      • rileyfan says:

        i am a huge fan of your” inside riley” Comics. i have already translated 3 of your Comics for my own use, in german. When you interested in an german translation i can maybe help you.
        when you interested in these things, please contakt me via email

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